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Customised, exclusive repeat and mural surface design 2007 saw the blossoming of the independent designer brand Elli Popp.

Elli Popp’s work features a range of neo-romantic designs blended with the balancing use of colour, shape and theme.

Influenced by nature, Elli Popp offers a nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within an ever urbanising modern world.

One of Elli Popp’s continuing philosophies is to create designs and products specific to the client’s requests and needs.

All our designs are tailored to meet specific requests whilst allowing an exploration into changing themes, sizes, colours and repeats.

In cases where the client would like a more personal and bespoke design, Elli Popp works in collaboration and closely with the client on their brief, bringing to fruition the initial intent of the clients desire.

Persistent in having the highest standard of production, each work guarantees high quality in it’s choice of material and print.

The idea is to be open to change and welcome new forms of beauty.

We offer a fully customised service in the following mediums:

* Wallpapers

* Fabrics i.e. suitable for soft furnishing and upholstery or fashion

* Ceramics i.e. Tableware, Tiles for walls and floor

We can customise our repeat and mural wallpapers including:

* change in colours

* change in details

* change in size of designs and repeats/scale

* work on a brief and either create a fully custom made design

* exchange details, take details out or put extra in

Please contact us for quotes and further info via

You can choose between 5 different papers:

* Mica (slightly firbe textured, pearlescent finish)

* Non Woven (smooth, matt finish)

* Pearl+Non Woven (smooth, pearlescent finish)

* Vinyl (slightly embossed finish, suitable for wet rooms and exterior)

All our designs can be printed on high quality ‘Contract Vinyl’ which comes in different backings, textures and the option between matt and pearlescent finish.

Most of Elli Popp products are produced in the UK -
Accept our standard Vinyl paper, which is produced in Germany and our Silks being printed in Italy.


Collaborations and Projects

* 'Mandarin Oriental Hotel' 5 Star Hotel - Commissioned mural designed to be fit 250 of their Powder Rooms (Taipei, Taiwan) - not available for sale

We were commissioned to create a custom made wall mural suitable for 250 Powder Rooms in different sizes and variations. The Hotel is planned to open in April 2014.

* 'Annes Kitchen' - Commissioned wallpaper used for her Cook Show, Cook Book and Homepage (London, UK) - available for sale

We met Anne Faber during a TV shoot at 'Homemade London' (one of our other clients) a few years ago and became friends. She now has her own Cook Show in Luxembourg, her book and blog are available internationally. Anne commissioned Elli Popp to create a custom made design including some of her decorative products and foods to compliment her Show which were translated into a wallpaper as well as complimenting the interior of her book and blog.

* 'Edwyn Collins' - Some British Birds Wallpaper and Bone China collection (London, UK) - available for sale

Another wonderful art collaboration has been launched in 2011 with songwriter, musician and artist ‘Edwyn Collins’ who, after having 2 major cerebral haemorrhage in 2005 started drawing a wonderful collection of birds. 

* 'Homemade London' - Commissioned repeat designs (London, UK) - available for sale

We designed commissioned wallpaper designs for ‘Homemade London’ which illustrate the creative workshops and classes which are held at this wonderful creative place in the Centre of London which from now, is also purchasable through our ‘Special Edition’ range.

* 'Traffic People' - Commissioned trade mark wallpaper (London, UK) - not available for sale

Traffic People is a London based Fashion company who commissioned us in 2008 to create their own trademark wallpaper design based on a brief of 'Dolls'. Our design for them has also been translated on their promotional products like shopping bags, price tags, labels etc.

* 'Urban Upholstery' - Collaboration products, reupholstered chair and poofs (London, UK)

Collaborations include a re-upholstery project with ‘Urban Upholstery’ working on recycled furniture such as our ‘Esmeralda’s Garden’ 

regal-period chair, ‘Butterfly Valley’ buttoned puff seat and 2 ‘Hide and Seek’ seat-table-storage boxes which are upholstered with Elli Popp’s printed fabrics.


Commission Elli Popp

We are open to work on commission products and designs.

This include creating the art work as well as the option of transferring the art work on to the following products:

* Wallpaper

* Fabrics for fashion or interiors

* Ceramics for tableware or tiles

* Upholstered furniture

* Lampshades

* Cushions

* Wallstickers - printed vinyl or flock

* Rugs

* Fashion items


Commissions for new designs are subject to a one-off artworking fee.

We are then able to apply the designs onto any of the above stated materials.

If you have any other materials in mind, please share your idea’s with us so we can look into applying it onto the requested substrate.


We can produce as many or few pieces as you require.

Please be aware of an increase of charge for smaller quantities as it is subject to a “made on order” charge, as we don’t mass produce.

Colours and print artwork sizes

We work with the colour systems NCS and Pantone colours as this guarantees prints as close as possible to the chosen colour.

Please note that some colours cannot be reproduced, depending on the material chosen for the project.

We can either work on a brief and create the artwork for you as well as transfer your designs or photographs onto the requested material.

If you wish to have your own image transferred onto a chosen product, we would need to receive an artwork file with certain file size requirements.

We will be more then happy to give you further information, or work on your designs to prepare them for print.

Luxurious option

Depending on the product you have chosen, we can offer deluxe options for example:

* Mica wallpaper (semi pearl effect)

* Gold and platin details and prints for ceramics 

Lead times

This depends on the complexity of design and availability of ware.

Wallpapers and fabrics take less time than ceramics or other products.

Lead time starts from the date the order is placed and can be as little as three weeks or up to four or six weeks.


These are determinated by the size of your order and products.

We will give you a quote as appropriate.


To be discussed individually and on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to share any ideas which we haven’t stated above.

We look forward to hearing from you!